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Grooveshark: The New Grooveshark!


It has taken several months, many late nights, and endless amounts of music but we are excited to announce that the latest version of Grooveshark is now live! Click below and be among the first to test out the amazing new features that we are serving up for artists, listeners, and the rest…

Don't Mind Me: Zynga's Going Down


My how quickly things can change. On March 21st, 2012 it was formally announced that Zynga would open its purse and buy up mobile game maker OMGPOP. Some blasted Zynga as a lost company throwing its money down the toilet and many more congratulated them for making a savvy investment in a company…


L’anno passato

Per quanto mi riguarda, il 2011 è stato un anno deludente.
I sogni di innovazione, riforma e ringiovanimento del paese in cui vivo si sono infranti contro indifferenza,…